Please find below the schedule for the week ahead.

Weekly program

Tuesday 25th Nov
Dua Tawwasul begins with Maghreb prayer at 8.09pm

Thursday 27th Nov
Dua Kumayl begins with Magrheb Prayer at 8.11pm.

Friday 28th Nov
Jumuah Prayer with Sh Jaafer Fathullah - Khutbah begins at 12.44pm

Our evening program will begin with Maghreb Prayer at 8.12pm

Prayer series with Sheikh Hamid Waqar continues
Session 3: Internal direction of prayer - Allah and His Justice

Childcare (for children between 2-4) and youth classes for children 5+ will also be available.

Saturday 29th Nov 

Imam Husain School

Sisters only majlis commences 6.30pm with Quran and Ziyarat Ashura.
Maghreb prayers followed by Dua Sardaab - Everyone is welcome to join


 Please recite a Salawat for the quick reappearance of Imam al Hojjah (af)

 Peace be upon you Ya Aba Abdillah (as)

Brothers and Sisters, the 40th of Ashura is fast approaching and it will be our honour to have you all as our guests.

Program date: Saturday 13th Dec 2014

We are calling on the generosity and kindess of you the community and lovers of Ahlul Bayt (as) to help us in anyway that you can. Whether it be a donation or volunteering your time it is all very much appreciated. We need volunteers before, during and after the program.
May the blessing of Allah (swt) be endlessly bestowed upon you.